UC San Diego Mathematics Project
Teaching Rational Numbers Professional Development Programs

January 2024

Teaching Fractions through Ratio Reasoning Grades 3-6
Jan 27th, Feb 10th and Feb. 24th, 2023 

Description: Moving from multiplication and division with whole numbers to rational numbers is a challenge for many students. Join us to deepen your own understanding of rational numbers and learn research-based and classroom-tested strategies that use ratio reasoning to build a cohesive learning opportunity for all of your students.

Participants will receive a copy of Extending Children’s Mathematics: Fractions and Decimals by Susan Empson and Linda Levi.

$100 per individual ($80 if registering by December 22nd)
$75 per individual for a team of 3 or more

Registration deadline: January 12th, 2024

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February 2024

Fostering Ratio and Proportional Reasoning in Grades 6-9
February 10th, March 2nd, & 9th, 2024

Description: Middle school math teachers set a foundation that creates opportunities for students’ educational and career choices! Come learn with us as we explore this important mathematical domain together. Proportional reasoning is essential for success in math and science. This PD series approaches the development of proportional reasoning through the following contexts: division of fractions, sampling, probability, slope, similarity, and geometry.

The goal for this three-session professional development series:

  • Using different mathematical contexts, participants will “expand their understanding, application, and enjoyment of ratios, proportions, and proportional reasoning.”
  • Participants will be able to then facilitate these experiences for students. 

Participants will receive a copy of Teaching Fractions and Ratios for Understanding: Essential Content Knowledge and Instructional Strategies for Teachers by Susan J. Lamon.

Cost: $100 per individual ($80 if register by January 26, 2024 )

$75 per individual for a team of 3 or more

Registration deadline: January 31st, 2024

Download a flyer and share with your colleagues!

Space is limited. Register today!