The UC San Diego Mathematics Project is one of 20 sites of the California Mathematics Project supported by the State of California and administered by the University of California Office of the President. This effort draws strength from increased collaboration with San Diego County Office of Education, other California Mathematics Projects, California Subject Matter Projects, school districts, colleges and universities.

The goal of the UC San Diego Mathematics Project is to develop teacher leaders who will support classroom teachers in the journey to deepen their own understanding and proficiency with the CaCCSS-M and effective pedagogy. Our work with teacher leaders will focus on:

  • Developing cohesive and coherent mathematics programs aligned with CaCCSS-M standards and practices
  • Developing strategies to select mathematics problems with high-cognitive demand and maintain that cognitive demand through the problem-solving process
  • Applying instructional strategies to provide access to high-quality learning for each student
  • Applying strategies to build agency, ownership, and identity for each student
  • Applying ways to use formative assessment to inform instruction to more precisely meet the needs of each student.

In order to ensure that each student:

  • Understands, learns, and can apply significant mathematics
  • Develops mathematical thinking
  • Develops a strong mathematical identity
  • Is prepared for future learning, for career and technical preparation, and to be literate citizens

Dr. Osvaldo “Ovie” Soto is the director and Dr. Susan Yonezawa and Joan Commons are co-directors for the UC San Diego Mathematics Project.  Dr. Jeffrey Rabin, Professor, UC San Diego Mathematics Department, is the faculty advisor. This project is housed in the UC San Diego Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment and Teaching Excellence (CREATE).

Since its founding in December 2018, teacher leaders and university faculty and content and pedagogical experts have worked to develop the first professional development to be offered in Summer 2019.

Join us! We look forward to hearing about your needs and learning with you.